Welcome To My Smooth Latin Jazz

My origins and music

I have been composing music for a long, long time. I composed my first acustic guitar melody when I was 12 and I learned only 3 chords on my guitar. D, A and E. At the time I was visiting a beautiful park in my home town Uruapan and it is what inspired my composition.


I grew up in the small town of Uruapan Michoacan Mexico in a poor but honest family.

My grand mother and grand father took care of me while my mother worked here in the US to support us.


Since I was a young boy I wanted to record my own instrumental album but never got do it because of the many challenges of growing up and helping my family.


Today, I play with joy thinking of the day when I am actually finished with this... my first Album.

I am done with about 4 songs but I have 8 to go.


I am naming my album, From Earth to Heaven in One Year because I am dedicating one month to each song.

Each song will have its own name in addition to the month it was created on.


I hope you like!


I will continue to create music that comes from my heart and all the experiences I had in my life.


Thank you,